What Causes Snoring – New Facts [Report]

Previously, it was believed that snoring is the prerogative of men, but in the last 50 years, in percentage terms, positions are gradually leveled, although “equality” is still far away. Studies have shown that women, although less often, but still can also snore.

According to Wikipedia “Snoring during sleep may be a sign, or first alarm, of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)” What causes snoring? What causes snoring in males, females? Let’s try to find out.

Men often have this condition, and it is caused by a number of factors. More frequent use of alcohol and overeating before bed affect its occurrence. But even women have their own reasons for snoring. The main problem is an inaccurate and inferior diagnosis of this symptom, although it can not be called a disease, the presence of systematic snoring indicates serious violations in the body. Ignoring these symptoms, women only “bury their head in the sand” without conducting any studies, let alone treatment. This condition affects the health, as against its background can arise a headache; depression; insomnia; low libido; decrease in performance. In women, snoring manifests itself much
quieter than in men and more often occurs during menopause or after. The causes of snoring in women who had not suffered from it before are similar to those of a strong half of humanity, but there are also some nuances. The unfortunate kilograms and here exert their influence on the body. During the menopause, a woman gaining weight, however, fat is distributed differently than men. From obesity, the lower part of the respiratory tract narrows, breathing is disturbed. It is worth noting that excessive obesity can provoke apnea, breathing becomes heavy, sleep restlessly. Hormones affect the respiratory system, protecting the muscles that support the upper respiratory tract in a
normal state. With hormone replacement therapy, side effects are possible, and to avoid snoring during menopause they try not to apply. Dysfunctions in the thyroid gland and snoring often complement each other, there are weaknesses, fatigue, drowsiness, headaches. Diabetes causes this violation regardless of age and how much the woman weighs. Intermittent breathing leads to a lack of oxygen during sleep, the level of insulin rises. The causes of snoring in men half of the men suffer from snoring. This is due to the fact that fat is deposited in the neck, and this leads to a narrowing of the airways. Even a few extra pounds can affect the respiratory process, and in the position on the back, the risk of hearing nocturnal trills is amplified. In men, the length of the vocal cords and pharynx are large, and this leads to the fact that the wrong position of the tongue causes snoring. If the lower jaw is more advanced, then this too can affect the fact that a person will snore. The sex life of a stronger sex is more likely than that of women to be associated with alcohol, smoking, and trauma – all these factors provoke and become the cause of snoring. From smoking, there is swelling of the nasal mucosa, alcohol leads to muscle relaxation, which leads eventually to snoring. Injuries to the nose, obtained in the fight, curvature of the septum, are triggers of snoring factors since these are additional barriers to the outcome of the air. There is a small percentage of men whose causes of snoring are associated with anatomical features, as well as the presence of polyps, adenoids. But most patients with snoring are middle-aged people with a weight exceeding the norm. Excess
kilograms are considered a dangerous factor since intermittent breathing disturbs sleep, a person does not get enough sleep. Often such a symptom as snoring occurs in people with heart problems, according to statistics from heart attack and stroke, they die more often.

Therefore, it is so important with regular snoring to notify the doctor about it. Having determined, within the norm of snoring or not, the doctor will be able to begin treatment at an early stage.
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